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Our parents divorced after I was a teenager. My dad stop connection with me when his demand that I get my mother to shed the child support order went unfulfilled, and didn’t follow custody. We’ve had no contact within the almost 10 years which have passed since that time, though he sometimes jumps to frighten my mom over previous settled- long and off debts -offered family heirlooms. My mom continued to remarry a guy, who had been thrilled to include me to his team of loving children. We are close and have several common interests. I call him “Pop” and “Papa”, and we’re, in most sense but naturally, child and greatly father. We chose to ultimately make it legit and experienced the fast and simple procedure for adult ownership (my mom also used his three today-adult children).

My Bio Dad, somehow, discovered this (we unthinkingly discussed our happy family information on social networking, and so I suppose I made my own grave below). I was freaked out to determine that both my home state-of Maryland and Nj have filial service regulations he might officially attempt to get added. I understand it’s unusual, but I’m scared he’ll do whatever they can to wreck havoc on my life since he understands I’ve removed him from this completely since he’s an experienced Child Support Lawyers. (I got my mother’s maiden name after I was 20, which sparked him to embroil her in an extended court fight that I won’t get into except to express that it had been really unpleasant and costly.)

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Will he actually have the ability to possess the ownership overturned? We did everything from the book, but I understand that constantly is overturned when the bio-dad says he informed and turns up /didn’t agreement/whatever. Whenever we got the adoption we experienced medical which record place and my mother as my agents. If the worst happen, they realize that I would react accordingly, and wouldn’t desire to be on life-support. Is that also possible? I understand this is just a far out situation, however now I’m worried when something terrible were to occur in my experience, my Bio Dad will have the ability to appear and begin a Terry Shaivo-type struggle with my mother and pop-over my desires, because that’s basically the sole correct he might obtain from overturning the use.

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Though I understand that Child Support Lawyers create clear threats constantly, my feeling that he’s retaken the club simply to fight with me with this makes me fear that there’s something genuine behind his threats sue me for assistance and to overturn the ownership. I’d enjoy some information on adult usage/POA’s.

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